Sushi Tei with Vina

Finally get the chance to meet up with Vina after a year plus. It was nice of her to wait for an hour plus for me at Tampiness Mall. I know screwed up with appointments now due to my current job. I always late for appointments but it's really unavoidable.

Anyway, we headed to Sushi Tei for dinner. Vina wasn't very hungry so she decided to order desserts instead of main course. She wasn't satisfied with the cheese cake caramel when the service staff served. It was different from the menu picture. It was small and we don't think it's worth it. Two thin slices costs S$5.50.
The cake was frozen and very hard to eat. But the taste wise is nice.
Kinda disappointed with it.

Kaisen Ramen Salad @ S$16. It is indeed not bad as in terms of portion and taste. But the noodles texture and colour is believed to be made locally and the taste is like maggi mee. But nevertheless the combination of the noodle with the seafood (zuwai kani, salmon sashimi,ikura and scallop) with the special dressing is refreshing. I finished up everything except the lettuce as it was way too excessive.

Since the cheese cake wasn't satisfying, Vina decided to order Shiratama Zenzai @ S$3.80. It is basically the red bean soup with dumplings. The soup wasn't that thick and the taste is just like normal red bean soup. I still miss Ichiban Boshi dessert which is quite thick enough and portion is even better. But this is base on my own tastebud.

Lastly a photo of us. I looked so tired here. Super exhausted everyday. I think sign of ageing. Oppss...i need to treat my skin & health better. I was glad to meet vina again. This time round she is different with her new look and status. She is married and more mature in terms of thinking and appearance. Learned a lot from her and really glad after so many years, we can still be so good and we seldom contact each other also. I guess this is what friendship is. The mutual understanding, sharing and thinking that get us along well.


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