Swa Garden Teochew Restaurant @ 540 Macpherson Road

First time ever had my longest break for CNY. I had a week holiday but then i need to work from home on the new year eve and third day of cny. Not too bad huh?

So I started work on 8th day of CNY and we had company reunion dinner at a Teochew Restaurant called Swa Garden located at Macpherson Road.

This Teochew Restaurant was so called well-known in Teochew food scene. It's decor evident of its age. Harsh fluorescent lighting,faded curtains flanking the doors to the restaurant that have seen better days.

However, nowadays the ambience in the restaurants are totally out from the choice of for dinning. It's the foods that draws the customers to come back.

Our first dish is the Prosperity Raw Fish which is Yu Sheng. Teochew yusheng style is different from the one that i had before. It is served with fresh lettuce which brighten ups the whole dish. The taste is refreshing and not too sweet or sour.

Next we have the Swa Garden Cold Dish combination. It has the braised goose, cuttlefish, fried minced ball, slices of chicken and also the slice ginger with century eggs. Totally awesome taste of the combination. Something new from me :)

We also had braised superior shark's fin. This is something new for me as well. A new way of eating for me as we are having the shark fin with the bean sprout. It gives totally a new combination of taste. It doesn't taste weird nor tasty to me. However, the taste of the shark fin soup is superior as we can taste the thick soup of the braised shark fin.

Roasted suckling pig is served as well. the roasted suckling pig was nicely sliced and displayed nicely on the table. The roasted pig skin is cripsy and goes extremely well with the sweet sauce.

Fish is a must have dish in the dinner course. We have steamed fish on that night as well. "Nian nian you yu". The fish is tender and texture is smooth. The fish meat goes well with soup.

"Gold Coin" Fatt Choy is the combination of seaweed and fish paste. This dish signature a good luck purpose and you can taste the fish paste with the special sauce made by the cook.

Chye Poh Kway Teow which is not the usual one that we ate. It's a simple dish with reserved radish, kway teow and chopped green. You can feel the wok smell and taste when you tried on it.

Followed by Vegetarian Delights with various vegetables and mushrooms served. Colourful display satisfying our visual and the taste is nice as well.

Dessert will always be the last dish to end the dinner. This is called Orh Nee (yam paste) which is sweet yam with gingko nuts. This dessert is the traditional Teochew dessert which round off the delicious dinner. The taste is sweet but not overwhelming yet able to taste the sweetness, soft and smooth texture of it.

Thumbs up!


Huai Bin said...

It looks delicious! Especially the suckling pig. *drools


Happy CNY!

Hazel said...

Haha..It's not bad..

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