"MY GENERASI"- Childhood memories

Came across this video from fb. Most of my 80's frens are sharing this video. It really brought back lotsa memories of our primary and secondary school period.
Good Job!

The games that we played, the things we owned and the fond memories.
Awesome feeling while watching the video.

I miss wearing pinafore and baju kurung during my high schools. It's not bored after all because i need to think what to wear everyday now.haha!

Batu seremban was one of the D.I.Y game i made before as well. I will use the scattered cloth stuffed with red & green bean sew it up in triangle form. Pepsi cola 123 also one of the coolest game we had during our high school time.

At that point of time, I also remembered the guys will buy a set collection of rubber with country flags to play. It is exactly same as shown in the video.

I need to check whether my diary book is still at home or being throw away. I still remember we will have our empty book to be filled by our classmates during the last day of the school of the year. We paste stickers to beautify our wall post in the book which currently everyone is using it as FB. haha! It is really alike to link them both together...


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