Ramen Play @ Bishan Junction 8

Finally a decent dinner after a long week packed with workloads. This is my first time trying Ramen Play which is under the same company as Breadtalk & Toast box.

Fion ordered Chicken Katsu Ishinabe @ S$12.80.
It's the combination of the succulent chicken cutlet and tantalizing eggs in a sizzling stone pot screams wholesome delicious goodness to our stomach. It was still sizzling hot when it is served and Fion was satisfied with the taste.

We ordered appetizer while waiting for our main course to served.
Lobster Golden Bites Salad S$6.80. Simply delicious and refreshing! It is a fresh combination for me as the combination of green cabbage with lobster salad is simply splendid!

Spicy Shoyu Ramen S$10.80.
This is the choice of Celine aka my new colleague. It is superb fiery & spicy flavored coupled with shredded cha shu and choice vegetables.

Cha Shu Shoyu Ramen S$9.80
Slices of cha shu with the shoyu base ramen soup.The shoyu base is a bit oily for me but the overall taste is nice and not too strong nor too light.

We also ordered Gyoza as ala carte as well. The outer part of the gyoza skin is a bit hard at the below part but the inner ingredients are rich and tasteful. When you eat it with the layu, it gives u another taste of the beauty of gyoza.

We got this plate of gyoza for FOC as we spend the min S$60 and foot the bill using DBS debit card.

Teo ordered Pork Curry Ramen S$13.80.
Coated with crust,crispy pork cutlet to go with spicy-sweet curry ramen.
The portion of ramen is kinda small but the big portion for the pork cutlet.

Tasty Negima (Chicken & Leek) S$5.00 for 3 pcs.
Nicely grilled with the sweet sauce on the chicken and the leek.

Had a quick dinner on Friday night and off i went back to JB.
Busy is the only word i can describe my current life.
Busy working whole day, exhausted after work and by the time i reach home it is sleeping time already.


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