Crazyworld Cafe @ Temple Street

 Celebrated 3 April babies' birthday at Crazyworld Cafe located at Temple Street, Chinatown. Thie cafe has a whimsical charm as it has historical hub of Singapore. You can reminsce your childhood memories in this cafe. The space of the cafe is limited as it only can display not more than 10 tables if i remembered clearly. 

Once you open the doors of the cafe, you see there are racks for books, vintage radios, racks for locally cut albums and small note books as well.  The cafe also host events to various local labels and talents. For more information, please check out their website here.

As for the food choices, i don't see much preferences. We don't really enjoyed the foods serve.So don';t have high hopes on their foods standards. Nevertheless it is a comfortable place to a little escape from the hustle city. 

Thanks to Justin for bring us here for the celebration and gathered so many friends to attend the birthday celebration. He even bought the cupcakes for the april babies. The cupcakes are from Oni cupcakes and it turned out to be delicious. Everyone has one cupcake to taste and enjoy after the birthday song.

24 Temple Street
Tue – Thu, 12pm - 10pm
Fri – Sat, 12pm - 11:30m
Sun, 12pm - 8pm
Closed on Mondays
6223 7553


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