Happy Mother's Day @ 食客The Korean Family Restaurant

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

 We had our early mother's day celebration 2 weeks ago when my dad is out of town. Ladies in the house and off we went for Korean cuisine at taman pelangi. It was recommended by mum 2 years back. This is our second time to the restaurant and surprisingly it's full house. I remembered the last visit was a quiet restaurant. We waited for almost 30 minutes to get a place to dine in. So it will be best to make reservation before headed down to restaurant.

Foods that we ordered that night:-

Fried dumplings / Korean rice cake/ Seafood pancakes/ Grilled saba/ sliced pork and beef to be grilled and wrapped with lettuce/ side orders

The slice pork and beef was tender and nicely grilled and we wrapped it with the special sauce and garlic slice with lettuce. Superb!!

 Brought along instax camera and we had photo snapping that night. 
Laurel and Angel is checking out the instax photos.

Photos below is our end result :)

Happy Mother's Day to Grandma, Mummy and God mum!
 Hope they are in pink health as always!
I am not good in words when it comes to mushy words but i hope everything goes smoothly for them. My sisters and I were already out working in the society and only left my youngest sister at home with my parents. My home is quiet during weekdays and parents are expecting us to go back over the weekend. So i will always try to go back home after work on friday. Seeing my parents growing older and it really heart breaks that my sisters and I unable to accompany them most of the time. My mum is always our pillar of strength regardless for anything. Her love is unconditionally and selflessness. She just want the best of us and helped us whichever way she could.

I love you, Mum!

Some words are meant to say out sometimes at the right timing. But it takes a courage to speak it out and let the party feel how you truly feel. I know i can't speak it in front of my mum so i used another way to express it. 

As years go by, i felt the time is precious especially time spent with family members. Each of us have different time and it takes effort and initiative to get relationships and bonding to get closer and maintain the way it is. That's the unconditional of love. Never forget the families love because there is a point in your life where you face obstacles or decisions, it's parents who guide and be there for you.


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