Project 365: Wrap up from Mon to Sat

21/5: Snapping away on Monday blues in office. 

22/5: Mee Goreng which costs me SGD4 per packet = dinner for OT-ing office. 
That's how I spend my weekdays almost every week.

23/5: Impromptu visit to Singapore and thanks for him i get excuses to knock off before 10pm 

24/5: OT-ing in the office with cup noodles. Save cost!Been paying cab fares after work..

25/5: View from my eye level on friday night. Outing with sis and dad to MBS for a walk. It was almost 12 am and there are shoppers in the mall.
Cousin's gathering postponed to next friday.

26/5: Panasonic Lumix G series workshop for the day. Will blog about it soon.


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