Hunt for Good Foods @ Hong Kong

Our first meal when we reached Mongkok area,Hong Kong. 
We headed to the recommended Chan Kee Restaurant which is famous with its roasted duck and pork and also the french toast. It is actually located in between shops and walking distance from mongkok station. 

The speed of serving is fast and the presentation is nice as well. Not to mention the texture of the meat is fantastic. The texture is smooth and tender. Your appetite will seems to grow much more once you have it with a bowl of white rice.

As for the french toast, i have no preferences and it's not that simple to me either. Taste wise is good and taste like usual french toast style.

Chan Kee Restaurant
G/F, 63 Sham Tseng Village, Castle Peak Road , Sham Tseng
Opening hours: Mon-Sun

Next we have tea time session with Hong Kong famous polo bun. 
I guess everyone who has been to HK will surely have tried their famous tradition polo bun.We headed to this particular shop 旺角金華冰室 as it was highly recommended in the social media of its polo bun.It's also featured in newspaper.

Definitely not to miss so we left a portion of our stomach empty to fill them with these!
The polo bun is soft in the inside and once you had a bite, you will able feel the smoothness of the bun's texture and neverthless goes well with the butter slice. The ice tea is definitately is a must drink when you go to HK coffeeshop so called char chan teng.

The egg tart taste is delicious as well. The texture is different from the ones that i tried in Malaysia or Singapore. Their outer layer thickness is very slim and you can truly taste the golden ingredients of the egg tart. Simply will feel full after having 1-2 of them

Tel: (852) 2392 6830 
(They provide take away services as well)
Opening hours: Mon-Sun
6.30am-12.oo am

Few walking distance away is the famous Yee Shun Milk Company-義順牛奶公司. A little of the history as this dessert restaurant is well established and well known in Macau. It was then venture into Hong Kong. They specialize in milk based dessert. We were finding the place and luckily there is an outlet at Nathan Road ( near to Yau Ma Tei MTR station).

We ordered 原味双皮奶 the original steamed milk pudding/ custard. The steam milk was smooth and sweet. The soft milk custard first layer of the skin is so thin that you won't feel sick having over and over again.

We ordered Red bean milk custard pudding 红豆双皮奶. The red bean was very rich and taste sweet as well. The combination is perfect as the sweetness of the red bean blend into the soft smooth texture of the pudding. Once you put into your mouth, you simply can't resist them.

Lastly the chocolate milk pudding -巧可力双皮奶
 . Chocolate is always my favourite and this time round i personally feel that the original one would be better than this. The chocolate is not fully blend into the pudding and don't really able to taste the chocolate.

Yee Shun provides quite a number of choices for the steamed milk custard/ pudding. The level of sweetness is most probably less than 50% and definitely to be into your places to eat when you are in HK.

Yee Shun Dairy Company 義順牛奶公司
(Branches available at Prince Edward and Jordan)
G/F,513 Nathan Road (Near Yau Ma Tei MTR)
Tel: (852) 2374 5460
Opening hours: Daily 12pm to 12 midnight

Whenever you dropped by HK, you will never fail to sign the signboards and people recommending the famous dessert shop named Hui Lau Shan- 許留山. There have many branches all over HK island.
 Click here to their official website for more details.
It is famous with their fresh fruits especially mango desserts. We ordered all kinds of mango desserts to kick off our appetite before dinner. I believe no much to share for the desserts as their popularity is all over. Just ask random person on the HK street and i believe almost 90% of them knows about this famous dessert.
The XO carrot cake taste good as well. I love the soft texture of the carrot cake.


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