The Rush on Friday

Going back on every friday after work is a routine thing to me and most of the Johorian people who worked in Singapore. It was truly a hectic and tiring life to be honest. 
You need to compete with the time and chase the busses. Everyone is rushing to catch the bus to back home. Home sweet home! 

Everyone is taking fast steps to be in line and get into the bus in their fastest speed. Some even pretend to be in line and jump queue. Seriously there are people that are inconsiderate as well. Everyone wants to go home but some people are just too impatient to wait for their turn. Sigh! That's how the reality it is.

The waiting moment is always tedious especially when you travelling alone. However, when you finally arrive home, the tiredness just wear off as you feel the warmth home feeling. 
It makes me feel that life ain't easy as time passes, you will feel the pressure and the responsibilities getting larger. The burden to carry along and make sure everything goes smoothly. Time seems not enough all the time.  Everyone can only see the beautiful side of the story and never even wanna show others the ugly side of it. It's so true as you see facebook is always fill with happiness and blissful photos. The route to future isn't that easy especially when you are travelling alone in the journey. Nevertheless it can be sweet too depending on how you want to put your perspective in. 

As for me, i admit that i am being emotional sometimes but sometimes i do tell myself to be positive. Bad times will over soon and good times are on its way. No one says it's easy but it's not that difficult as long as persistence strive through your vein and mentality and push you going making you even stronger to stand on your own foot.

I do grumbled as the routine is making me exhausted and when i reached home all i want to do is to lie on my cosy bed and sleep. But seeing how my parents and grandma wished us to go back every weekend, it makes me feel bit guilty as well. Everyone is expecting you to go back on weekend and the smile on their faces are priceless.

Mm...but I need to work on weekdays and no time for myself and when weekend arrives, I will need to rush back JB to spend time with family. It's a routine cycle every week unless there are stuffs. I wish I have 72 hours a day so that i can do my things as well. Sigh!!

Monday is coming again!


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