Haramiya Japanese BBQ

Had a date with Dawn who blogs at singaporesupermarketrecipes.com.For those who love to know where to get cheap deals for foods and groceries, you can browse her blog for more information. It's our first meet up for makan session. We had plans to meet up once a month to explore the foods around Singapore.So our first stop is at The Central, Clark Quay. 

We were exploring the restaurants in the shopping mall and decided to try on this Japanese BBQ restaurant, Haramiya Japanese BBQ Restaurant. This is a newly open restaurant and it's full house when we decided to dine in on weekend night. We waited quite at least 15 minutes before given a place to dine in.

The restaurant display was very grand and the decoration is a mixture of chinese and japanese style. There even has a display sets of the available dishes that are shown in the menu for customers to have the visual look of the dish.

Pork Karubi Dinner Set S$14.99
Pork belly, rice, soup,salad, kimchi, side dish and dessert to complete the dinner set. The thickness of the pork belly is so slim that you can barely feel guilty to have the fats to eat together. Salad was refreshing though with the fresh lettuce. Kimchi is as usually taste very spicy for me. But Dawn thinks that the taste is just nice. So it's basically due to own preferences.

Picture of the beef tongue which looks like the pig liver except that the thickness isn't that thick.

Harami Dinner Set S$15.99
Beef outside skirt,Rice, soup, salad, kimchi, side dish and dessert to complete a dinner set. It's more like a korean version dish rather than japanese style. The beef was done perfectly well when we grilled them. So thanks to our 'talented skill', we able to enjoy the quality of the beef to the max. We have them in medium well done and it perfectly good condition to chew and taste the sweetness of the meat.

This plate of ala carte is the Beef Tongue S$7.99. 
We wanted to try on the texture of the beef tongue and so  turned out to be quite chewy as well. The thickness of the beef tongue is just perfect as it is not too thick nor too big slice to chew. 

I was craving for salmon sashimi so we ordered a plate of Sashimi Salmon Tartare S$7.99. 
The thickness of salmon sashimi is just perfect to satisfy my cravings towards the wonderful sashimi. 

Overall the foods are acceptable. But the place is too noisy that i don't really enjoyed it. The crowd is good that the business is booming for Haramiya. However, i would prefer the distance of the seats to the table can be bigger gap so that it's is more comfortable for tall people especially. I can see some of the customers' legs cannot be placed into the gap between the seat and the table. The height of the table is also low as we need to bend a bit to dine in.

Neverthless one of the staff was quite friendly. She has the passion of serving and provide suggestion on the foods for us. Some of the staffs are not that attentive as we put up our hands to call for assistance, it took them quite sometime to see it and react towards it.

p/S: This is purely based on my own experience with the restaurant.


Haramiya Japanese BBQ Restaurant
#03-87 (The Central), Clarke Quay


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