Itacho Sushi @ Bugis

Finally after reading many reviews of Itacho Sushi, I had the chance to dine here. It was a mini gathering with ex-colleagues and we knock off around 7 plus instead of 10pm on one of the weekdays for the dinner. It's super tough to get to knock off that early on usual time :)

We decided to queue for this japanese restaurant. The queue is approximately 15-20 minutes before we were given a place to dine. The restaurant seems to be short handed of staff as the staffs are not prompt to react to customers' needs. We keep putting up our hands but nobody came to attend us. My friend has to go to their counter and get the tablespoon.One of the reason is because the restaurant is full house.

We ordered handroll as I was craving for salmon sashimi.
 I still prefer salmon avocado with mayonnaise and ebbiko handroll. 
Nevertheless the handroll seaweed is crispy and the salmon is quite fresh as well.

Crab meat salad @ S$4.80
Good start as an appetizer before the main course. It's quite refreshing and the crab meat, cucumbers are nicely sliced into thin layers and mixed well with the mayonnaise sauce with the ebbiko topping on top of it.

Salmon with soy sauce @ S$0.40 per pc.
Roasted squid leg sushi @ S$2.30 per pc
Since this is a special offer, every customer is only applicable to 2 pieces for the sushi.
Taste wise is acceptable.
 Squid leg is chewy when we bite.Salmon with soy sauce taste fine for me but i would prefer to go for salmon sashimi.

Roasted scallop with flying fish salad @ S$1.50 per pc.
Roasted scallop is nice. The scallop is quite thick and you able to taste the sweetness of the scallop. The flying fish salad sauce added flavor onto the taste and also the colour of the sushi.

Binchou Tuna with Citrus Sauce @ S@2.50 per pc
It's a bit dry for me and we are able to taste the citrus sauce. 
Not much preference of this sushi but it definitely taste fine.

Salmon with seafood& veg salad roll @ S$2.80 per pc
I love this sushi because the salmon is raw.hehe!
 Taste refreshing and the mixture of the salad brings out the refreshing taste though.

The main courses that we ordered that night:-
Teriyaki chicken with rice @ S$12.00 per serving
Teriyaki chicken colour is attractive and the taste is not disappointing though. The chicken meat is tender and we are able to taste the sweetness of teriyaki chicken. It's a simple yet filling choice as main course.

Curry sliced pork with rice @ S$11.00 per serving.
Presentation is fine and the taste is acceptable for my colleagues. I didn't tried so no much comment from my side. But my colleague commented that the pork are nicely sliced and they are able to taste the softness texture of the meat and able to chew easily.

My choice of the night, Grilled eel (unagi) with scrambled egg with rice @ S$13.00 per serving.
It taste fine while it's hot. I would prefer to have unagi while it is still hot so you can't smell the fishy smell when it turned cold. The unagi texture is smooth and soft bone as well.

Sliced pork with udon which i forget the price. 
The portion is just nice for one and not to full to consume. 
My friend has no much comment of the dish.

As for my own preference, i wouldn't spend time to queue for it. Price wise is affordable as a chain of japanese restaurant. 

Itacho Sushi outlets are available at the followings:-

Itacho Sushi
2 Orchard Turn, #B2-18 Ion Orchard

68 Orchard Road, #02-35 Plaza Singapore

Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, B1-05

Sun-Thurs: 11am- 10pm 
Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm


millymin said...

i love jap food!

Hazel said...

It's my all time favourite!We can have jap food hunting if we have the chance to meet :)

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