One Day Durian Buffet Trip @ Tangkak

My sis bought a deal from which costs S$50 + S$3 tipping for the whole trip. It's a One day durian buffet trip to Tangkak. It's our family gathering on the first week of July.
 It is under the tour company named “Farmosa Holiday Tour Pte Ltd”.

She was accompanied by her bf to collect the tickets and order confirmation from the company which located at Chinatown. It's an early trip as we need to reach the pick up point at Chinatown around 6.30am as the bus started by 6.45am. No other choice but to take cab to reach to the destination. My parents purposely rent a car to drive them in to the pick up point before head to Tangkak.

The bus seats are not spacious at all. It's basically smaller size as it is a 4 seater bus in a row. So basically do not expect much on the comfortable level of the seat. The bus was full with people and mostly are family oriented group of people joining this trip.

Snap a moment while passing through the second link causeway towards highway to Tangkak. It was a lovely day and we stopped at gelang patah for breakfast. Followed by Yong Peng for local snacks shopping and toilet break before we finally reach the destination. Did i mentioned the crowd at Yong Peng local snacks shop are like crazy? Their business was booming and people just keep flowing into the shop. So many tour buses stopping in front of the shop to drop the tourists.

There are many other bunch of groups have arrived the destination and enjoying the durian at the durian plantation. It was already noon time and durian was our lunch that day.

There are tables spread all over the place for people to be seated and start the buffet session. Lotsa of durians were all placed in the big basket as shown in below picture. 
Staffs or people who worked there are ready to open the durian for us. 
All we need to do is to stand in front of them and the durians are nicely cut for us to open and consume it.

Daddy trying to open the durians for us to eat. All the durians are meaty and fleshy as well. Some taste bitter, sweet and creamy too. We tried many kinds of durians that day. The whole buffet lasted around 1-2 hours and our stomach is full of durians. Initially we just ate whatever we got from the so called staff. 

Dad realize that other tour guide group was telling the staff that he wants Hong Xia, Mao Shang Wang & D24. The staff picked from the other basket of durians and gave a smell and touch before cutting the fruits to him. Truly is that the durian meat is totally different from what we have on our table. 

So we went to approach the staff and request the same and we got it. It taste better than the ones that we had earlier. So we had tasted the normal ones and premium ones on that day. No wonder people keep saying Hong Xia, Mao Shan Wang, D24. There is a big different taste of durian quality. 

These are the premium ones. I love the colour of the fleshy meat and it truly taste different from the normal ones. Colour of the durian is also one of the feature to differentiate the durian category although i am unsure which is which :)

After durian buffet, we headed to brown rice factory and also bird nest factory. As usual, tour guide will bring us to such places to purchase and they will gain certain percentage of commission from them for bringing customers to them.

The last stop was to goats' farm and we toured around the little farm. We managed to see different types of goats and also pregnant goats. Normally goats that had just give birth to 1 or 2 baby goats will be allocate to a corner with their babies for few weeks before putting them back together with the rest. Same applies to pregnant goats. All pregnant goats are placed into the same area and no mixing of male goats as well.

This goat is my favourite with the teeth and tongue sticking out.
 I managed to get a good snap of him as he keep turning his head away from my iPhone.

The farm also sells goats' lotion, milk and also ice-cream. Didn't try the ice-cream though as i do not prefer goat milk. We headed to Jusco Tebrau for about an hour due to the request from the other passenger as they stated the deal mentioned Jusco Tebrau. So they insisted to head over for a quick shopping.Followed by a dinner at Taman Gaya if i am not mistaken. The food served was not delicious at all. So we can't expect much on the food quality as my sis saw they even pour back the leftover white rice that was served on the table back to the rice cooker. It is super gross to do so. 

Dad, mum and sis decided to depart from the restaurant back JB and rachel and bf and myself followed the bus back spore. I reached home around midnite as there is slightly traffic jam towards singapore custom. Totally unexpected that the jam was terrible around night time at second link.

Good companion and lovely day but not the food though. 
Durians are good as we managed to know how to request for premium ones to enjoy. 
So, it's quite worthwhile after all.
For more photos of the trip, you can check out my sis's bf blog here


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