Sudden Thoughts

 It has been a while since I last pen down my thoughts in my space.
 Life has been truly hectic and basically i have no time to communicate with outside people. I am referring to my family and friends. Basically i only communicate with my work and colleagues on weekdays. 
When the night falls and time to sleep, i will miss my bed.

Seriously i need an overhaul. I need time to slow down so that i can reflect changes over an year. Time has been moving very fast and honestly i don't even have time to judge my thoughts. Sometimes I will be carried away on my workloads and my mind is all about working and working. 

Little steps that i take is to work towards the lifestyle i wish to have in future. I don't know whether the steps that i take will lead me to a better one. But I do not want to have any regrets in future. Working has been extremely stressful and things doesn't seems to go well as I expected and plan. Life truly unexpected and unpredictable so just live the life that we wish for now and future. People always want to have what they wish to but they can't make the step out to do what they want. So in the end it can't be attained. I just want to make my life better than the past. It's about the attitude and mentality for me now.

One of the way to de-stress is to eat. I started to grow my love on foods and it has always been a favourite hobby all along. Thanks to my dad as well as he is a food lover as well. I always reward myself for good food to balance my stress in work.  Thank god i have a group of friends who are food lover as well. Sometimes life isn't about having the best for everything, it's all about appreciation and importance value of family and friends that appear in your life. 

Perhaps when you reaches certain age or time, your mentality and mindsets do provides another new platform for a new phrase of life. I am not sure about you but I felt so lately. It's no longer like seeking more on tangible stuffs but more of the intangible assets that money cannot buy. Happiness is one of them and when you are young, less burden, less expectation and responsibilities or less complicated thoughts, you are easily be contented. As for now, more burden, more responsibilities and complicated thoughts built over the years. The expectation grown together with the reality of society.  Blame the society for being so realistic but that's how the reality of life.

Nevertheless happiness is to search and find by yourself. 
I want to be the seeker for my happiness. 


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