Cook For Family

Daniel from shared his #cookforfamily initiative in the blogpost, i decided to be part of it as well. It gives us a platform to have family bonding together while everyone of us busy working on weekdays. Less communication and bonding time together due to busy working schedule and individual lifestyle.

I m not a chef nor a good cook but i cooked simple dish under the guidance of my mother over the weekend. She is the best cook and the foods are awesome delicious. So simple fare dinner with family bonding together. 

Let's start the fire rolling...

We have the tofu with prawn and vegetable for a dish, a black bean with pork meat soup and otak-otak with egg on that night. No fancy photos of the foods or colourful mixture of the dishes but a sincere heart of having the initiative to sit down and dress down to have simple affair with family members. That's matters the most to me :)

I just put the otak-otak mixed with egg into the rice cooker to cook together. 
This is my end result. My mum always does this and i never knew that it can be so easy until i had my hands on to the dish.

Everyone gonna get started with the dinner with a bowl of soup right next to the white rice. No photos of my family members as we all dress down.hehe!

Took a picture of my mum's hand. 
Her old tired hands that cooked many delicious foods and pampered us eversince we are born to this world.

Totally wipe off!Kudos to my mum as she guided along the cooking process. Everyone stays put on the dinning place and chit chat and share the bonding session today. I think it's good to start off such initiative among on another to trigger each other to spend more quality time with family members. It's not about giving money to parents monthly only. But to spend time with them truly lift up the spirits of family bonding. Time spent together with parents aren't that much anymore. 

If you start to count the days u spend on working, sleeping, meeting friends and spending time with your own family, you will realize that you only left limited time to spend with your own parents and family.

So, why not start #cookforfamily today? 
Call your family members back home and have a bonding session together. 


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