Dove Event : Share Your Secret By Nuffnang

Weekend has been fruitful as i have the opportunity to attend the Dove event organized by Nuffnang. It was held at Fullhouse located at Hotel Rendezvous. The saturday afternoon was filled with joy and we are pampered with love. I made new friends and met celebrity bloggers through the event. The event was very beautifully set up. I felt like i am attending a white wedding :) Our dress code for the event was white so you can see everyone is wearing white top and dresses to the event.

Photos of the Myth Hairs' information that I took from the table.
 It is quite informative.
The event started off with a sharing session by the product manager from Unilever about hair loss awareness. Followed by buffet session which is waiting for us. We also got to enjoy massage session and everyone of us was invited to interview about our Dove hair treatment experience.

Lovely cupcakes for the event

While waiting for our massage and interview session, we took photos and mingle with one another. It is actually quite awkward initially but everyone started to warm up and become more friendly. It's my 3rd time meeting Silver and this time round we able to chat a bit and understand her more. She is a pretty young lady.

Lots of polaroid photos taken on that day.

Some individual photos with the Silver, Peggy & Beatrice
They are all beautiful ladies with nice smile. 

The range of the products that were sponsored by Unilever. 
I been using it for 2 weeks and my hair is soften and fragrance the whole day. 
Thanks for the sponsor :)

There is also a section for us to DIY our mini comb. I had mine DIY as well. 
Simple ones with the Dove logo in pink :) I felt so girly on that afternoon.

Some of the photos taken on the event. All photos are taken using my iPhone and some photos from Beatrice. Photos with new friends and celebrity bloggers.
 It was a lovely event organized by Nuffnang. Thanks to the nuffies for their hardwork and making the whole affair so romantic and girly.

Photo credit to Beatrice Tan

Photo with Beatrice. Credit to her

Photo credit to Beatrice Tan

Took a picture of the products inside the goodie bag. I also brought back the beautiful roses bonquet which is given to everyone. It was very generous and everyone looks like 'bridemaid' in the event holding the roses. 

Ended my post with a photo of me during the event. 
Hope i have the chance to attend more of such events. 

Till then XOXO


dblchin (double chin) said...

looks like you had a lot of fun! looking forward to seeing more interesting post frm you :)

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