Project 365: First week of August

#1) 1/8 : Dinner with Beansprout & Yunie @ Astons Prime. The beef steak is good :)

#2) 2/8 : Dinner with SSC. Chatted for few hours and enjoyed the companion. It has been a long time since we last communicate.

#3) 3/8 : Movie Screening : The Dark Knight Rises by Omy x Domino's

#4) 4/8 : Finally! It's Dove Event and it was great experience. Gonna blog about it soon :)

#5) 5/8: Dinner @ Kenny Roasters since i didn't went back home over the weekend.

#6) 6/8: Admiring my roses that i brought back from Dove Event

A month to turn to sizzling moments but at the same time to handle the unexpected situation.


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