The Pizza Place X Fruit Paradise

It was a monthly cousin gathering and here is the location for our July gathering. Carmen suggested The Pizza Place located at basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre. The restaurant is quite small scale and it is self-service order. So basically we will need to get a place to seat and queue for order.

Laurel & Carmen ordered Carbonara Linguine which is cream sauce topped with beef bacon bits @ S$9.80. The taste and the presentation is lovely. The cream sauce is way enough for the serving.

Beef Lagsana @ S$12.80 where the choice of juciy ground beef in the unique cheese and herbs. It was a filling dish. I can't finish it alone though. 

This is highly recommended by Carmen. It is the the wedges. 
We ordered two types which is one with baked one and the other is the original wedges. Forget the price though :p

Dinner was great. The foods are nice and price is decent. The companion is great too. I was the last person to reach. Luckily both of them wait for me patiently.

We went window shopping before we have our dessert time. It is to digest our immune system before we input more foods into our stomach.

Luckily we reserved the cakes because the cakes are selling like hot cakes. I always passed by Fruit Paradise and never really want to try the fruit cakes because i felt the price is a bit pricey.

Even by looking at the photos, my saliva is drooling. We ordered one slice of banana cake and mango cake to try. True enough that the taste is as good as the presentation.

 Awfully delicious and sinful! I felt so loved! 

The mango and banana are nicely filled into the gaps of the cake layers and you can taste the fruit sweetness when you have it with the sponge cake and also the cream.We were so engrossed with the cakes and started to have shooting before we dig in. 

It was truly a fruitful gathering. The cake slice is around S$6.90 per slice if i remembered clearly. I felt that the price is pricey but the quality of the cake paid off. I would love to try it again.

All photos taken using Olympus camera.
 Photos credit to Carmen.


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