Birthday Celebration @ Nabins

Finally i have the chance to post about my surprise birthday celebration which happened exactly a month ago.It was singapore national day eve and i wasn't expecting any big gathering. It was just dinner date with HP & Qin. I didn't feel anything weird with the combination so i invited Yunita along for dinner as well. So they decided to have dinner at Bugis area. So they lead me to the dinner venue, Nabins @ Bali Lane. 

The restaurant has the arabic- oriental style theme. 
It has first and second levels of dinning place. 
The place is cosy with sofas and cushion for each dinning seats.

It was indeed a surprise when i went up to second level. My sisters, cousins and friends are there already. They are waiting for me to arrive. was very sweet surprise!Thanks to the organizer and their efforts to attend the surprise together.

Birthday cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes
It was colourful cupcakes and with different flavors. 

Since my sister's Laurel birthday falls on the following day, we celebrated together. 
Justin got us the tag with 'LAM' which is a brilliant one. We had everyone's wishes and greetings which made me feel so blessed and warmth feeling.

Photos with the guests of the night.

Group photo of the day which everyone present...

Foods that we had on that day. It was quite heavy dinner. Since it is an arabic restaurant, it served more of carnivor categories. The foods are quite dried and the price is a bit pricey as well. Nevertheless the overall foods are acceptable. The serving time is quite slow as well. I remembered vividly that the waiting time was more than 20 minutes.

Dinner was pleasant with good companion. I was grateful that everyone is willing to gather together. We headed for second round after the dinner. Chloe needs to go back early so she left us earlier before the dinner ended. We headed to Chijmes for a drink before we end the night.


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