DIY Wedding Journal Scrapbook

 One good thing that i love reading blog is that i came across all kind of blogs that inspired me to blog more and interesting stuff. Inspired by one of the craft blog and decided to DIY one for Justin & Daphne since their wedding is on the way (basically it happened last weekend). It is actually for one of the game to be played by the bridegroom. It is to get wishes from strangers and snap for the moment and paste on the scrapbook. I called it the wedding journal for them.

Basically the DIY scrapbook is very simple and easy to make. I got the starbucks carrier bag as the cover of the book and torn some of the magazine pages as the pages for the scrapbook pages.I cut the carrier bag into two and served as the front and back cover of the book. I attached the hardcover of the magazine and wrapped it with the carrier bag so that the cover and back of the book is thicker and able to sustain.

Punch two holes of the cover and pages of the magazine and slip in the clip to secure the book. The scrapbook is formed! I left the handle of the carrier bag and print out the wordings from computer to make it presentable. 

The scrapbook is completed and you can start to snap your moments and fill the scrapbook with them. If you can add on some wordings on the each pages with little note will be perfect. It's all about creativity and how you would like to modify the scrapbook. It is not necessary to buy raw materials to do DIY but recycle the papers and full utilize them would be another way of doing. 

One of the page of the scrapbook

Definitely will try more of DIY stuffs and share them here in my blog..

Hope you guys like my DIY corner :)


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