Nando's Night V Old Fren

It was a fruitful weekend for the past weeks. Attending wedding dinners, being bride's sisters and having loads of fun with the games. I spent my last weekend at Bandung attending one of my colleague, Yunita's wedding with my colleagues and Beansprout. Took a day leave on friday for sight seeing and will share in the next post. 

It was a sudden decision to have dinner with ssc. He said want to treat me as my belated birthday but i feel bad that he treats whenever we meet so this time round i will play the host then. Since Alex (sis's bf) had a complimentary voucher, we headed to Nando's for dinner. The best part is that i am late for almost an hour. Luckily ssc is patient to wait for me. Thanks to my friends who understand me :)

As usual, we ordered 1/4 quarter chicken with 2 sidelines. It's my all time choice whenever i pay visit to the restaurant. 

Snapshots of the dinner treat of the night...

Good old friend of 13 years and counting.. It was really a valuable friend that we gone through ups and downs, happiness and disappointments throughout the phases of life. Words cannot describe the feelings that i have with this fren of mine and Ju as well. The bonding we had together. I am fortunate to have friends that are able to stick together for many years although we are apart from each other. Ju is married with 2 kids and 1 is on his way to the world and SSC is quite successful pathing his career path and busy with work. Both are wonderful people whom know me well and tolerate with my nonsenses and immature thinking sometimes. Both whom i show the vulnerable side of myself and share the thoughts together. 

Each single friend is valuable to me. Everyone shares the equally importance in part of my journey of life. I have friends whom i can sought for guidance and think of whenever i saw stuffs or even appear in my mind. Friends images popped up to my mind and definitely is a treasure memories i able to carry with me along the journey.

Sometimes we don't spill things out so transparently but we do understand what we are trying to say or express. It's not easy to come by friends like this and i am thankful i found u guys :)

Happy Friendship to my friends. It doesn't matter how long we met but the bonding we have and the sharing we have are more value than anything else. Friends shape part of our happiness and sadness. They build you up and shape you to make you be a better and beautiful person. They will not pressure and no jealousy filled in their heart. You can only find the calmness and feeling gratitude having them around you. You will eventually feel happy together with them when you see them successful in their life. 


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