Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat

Joe drove Yunita and me for dinner after work on last Friday. We were supposed to drove to JB for seafood but we can't knock off on time so.. we decided to settle our dinner in Singapore then. Joe brought us the famous teochew fishhead steamboat located at 1382 Serangoon Road. I was doubtful when he told me how good is the soup base until i really tried it. 

The place was full house and we need to search our seats.We even need to walk into their kitchen to get our orders ordered. The staffs are superb busy serving and no time to entertain the clients.So in the end, the staff open a table for us behind the shop. We were like VIP!Our table is middle of the lorong! .
This is the first time i had my dinner such way.
This is one of the best teochew fishhead steamboat in Singapore based on reviews through social media.
The soup base plenty of savoury fish, the fish is fresh and the meat is soft, juicy and tender. They are served in charcoal aluminium steamboat pots. We can top up the soup but we called for twice but they did not top up for us :( Guess we are far apart from the shop because we are having our dinner middle of the back alley!!Hahaha!

We ordered Hae Zhou which has the combination of chunks of water chestnuts.Water chestnuts give lots of crunchy taste to the dish. This is a recommendation dish from reviews and i saw them on almost all the tables that night. So you can imagine how many hundreds or thousands of plate were sold for this particular dish on a day itself?

Vegetables are in our list as well. Czzar style of working really opens our appetite of eating as well.

We also ordered tofu with prawn and special sauce which is also used to serve crabs. I love the softness and tender of japanese tofu with the sauce. 

Dinner was simple and nice. Definitely a good place to recommend for big group to have Czzar style. The steamboat soup base was fantastic except that the service was not that ideal. We need to self-service a bit because they are not going to bother you at all. They are busying rushing out the orders. One point that i want to highlight is that the food servings are quite fast within 20 minutes. This is because we ordered the common dishes as other tables. So people if you guys are dropping by for dinner and want to have the foods are fast enough to display on your table, you know what you should do :)

Sorry for the not so sharp photos. All photos taken using my iPhone 4s. As u can see back alley has no much lights and we can only rely on the street lamps. It was a good experience having the table set up at the centre of the alley and people walking pass and looking at our food. 

Total spend for the dinner was around S$48++ not exceeding S$50 for 3 of us. Overall foods are good but not the services though. So don't expect much of their services when you decided to go for their foods. 

One thing to take note is that once all the foods are served, customers are required to foot the bill first before they can enjoy the foods.


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