Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant @ Bugis Junction

It was a dinner date with Mr Yap & Mrs Yap last week. So sorry for making them to wait for us like 2 hours time for dinner. Yap decided to try this restaurant called Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant located at 2nd Floor of Bugis Junction.

We decided to go for their Set D which costs S$138++ for 4 pax. It is just nice for 4 of us.
Foods that we had on that day:-

Shanghai spicy soup which looks spicy from the picture but in actual fact it is not as spicy as I thought. I love the taste of the soup especially when you drink them while they are hot.

As usual, a must for dinner dish- Vegetables.

Special sauce chicken which i forget the actual name of this dish. It has the unique taste which smooth layer on the meat itself and sweetness flavored when you taste them.

The Duck meat that is cooked after the skin is served with the crepe.

We choose noodles instead of rice. Although the noodles looks normal and not that appealing but trust me. The taste proves that we can never judge the appearance of the presentation. Although first impression may widen your appertizer.

Peking Duck Skin Wrapped with egg crepe.
As usual, taste is cunchy because of the crispy skin and also the slices of spring onion to go with it. A little bit of special sweet sauce does the trick to make the taste perfect :)

The dinner ended with mango pudding as the dessert.
The whole set is quite filling as 3 out of 4 are ladies and our appertize is not as big as guys.
So, yap finish mostly of the foods.

After our dinner, we headed for the dessert shop located at Liang Seah Street.
To be continue in the next post..


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