Hangouts @ KFC & McD

Gals nite again.. We have everyone here yesterday to celebrate Maria's belated b'day. Bought her bodyshop foam & lotion. She Loves it~
Her b'day was supposed to be on 5th May 2008. However, Huey Ling and I bought her a slice of mango mousse cake with strawberry on top for her.. Sang her b'day song in the office..hehe!

7 gals out yesterday..kinda rare ever since we had gathering at KBS for Angeline farewell. Here we are again hanging out toether and share enjoying!!

We had KFC & McD for dinner since Angeline had the coupons vouchers. She really a mummy type dy. Take good care of us us with the serviettes & all sorts of stuffs..~The Gals GroUp~

@ Take 2@

~Mother & Daugther~

#Both Mummies digging nose# Yucks~~


~The Legend of Cher's Wig~ Testing out whether is it fake??

*Like both pics* Looks Slim~

We had yummy yummy ice-cream at McD and had a photo shooting sessions~Funny looks & much more..Only uploaded few pics~Still more to come~

To be continued...........


Anonymous said...

Let's have more of such crazy outings! Good memories to keep! Don't forget to email me the full set of photos hor!

bear hug fr angelmama

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