Conger Eel Dinner

It always the best to eat home cooked dishes especially my mum's cooking. I think my mum is a very good cook. She can cook all kinds of cuisine. She is good at Japanese cuisine as well.Of course thanks to me as i give her the idea on how to cook it and mix it. I admit i only know how to talk and eat but at least i still contribute.hehe!

My dad and i went for Japan Food Fair at Suntec City yesterday and got several samples from there.Anyway, this will be a short post on the conger eel dinner. Picture shows the live conger eel. This is another type of eel and it's actually unagi sister.
Live Conger Eel-Picture taken from Google search
                    This is the sample conger eel taken from the exhibition. Thanks for the Japanese guy :)
Conger Eel from Japan
This is my mum's masterpiece. The conger eel with eggs and shoyu honey sauce. She steamed for 8mins and prepared the sauce. The sauce is her own recipe where the idea comes from me.Ahhemm... 
Conger Eel with egg and shoyu & honey sauce
While steaming the fish with egg, she cooked the rice with chinese sausage and it smells awesome. The chinese sausage blend into the rice and it gives the fragrance smell.

Fragrance white rice with chinese sausage
 Followed by the left over salmon flakes from Japan. This also taken from exhibition. It is supposed to go with the plain porridge.Simple white porridge and go with the salmon flakes will ease your hunger away. But we used the leftover salmon flakes to go with the rice and conger eel. It turned up just fine as well.
Salmon Flakes from Japan
 Tadah...this is the end result when you combine together and enjoyed it. Simple dinner with full nutrition.My mum is an awesome lady.She has wonder cooking skill.
Complete Dish for the Day
This is what i had for my Friday Dinner with my family.
Mum cooked the dinner after her work and it took her less than an hour to get everything serve on the table.
Home is always the best :)


Anonymous said...

we miss mummy's home cook too!! Thoe food looks delicious...yummy

LeO GaL said...

come home every weekend

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