25th-26th Jan

Why i put on post title 25th-26th Jan?It's very simple. Just to summarize my journey to KL on these 2 days. 
Steamboat with ex-colleagues from OCBC after i reached KL on 25th evening...
Random pic during the steamboat dinner from Iphone
Followed by dessert at SS2 after the steamboat at Damansara Village. Didn't managed to take pictures as we do not have the camera with us and everyone is so busy fighting for the foods.
Durian Pancake taken by Iphone
Thanks to Janice allowing me to stay overnite at her place and disturb her the whole night. Thanks to Andrew for treating me dessert. We were supposed to have snowflakes but it was way too late and the shop has already closed.

It was fun to meet up with them as they bring joy and laughters to me. They all are very friendly kind people and it's good to hang out once in a while. Guess different categories of friends speaks different language and with them, i only find laughters and joy speaking to them and make me free my mind from all the trouble.

Anyway to summarize,KL trip was rushing and i took the bus back to JB the following day. 26th was my grandpa tomb ceremony which i unable to attend due to the exam. The ceremony started 8am until 2plus at the nirvana memorial park. I feel bad unable to attend the ceremony. Grandpa, u will always in our heart.


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