Lost Passport Experience

It has been a while since i updated my blog. Time flies and within these 3 months periods, many things happened and i hope time will heal the intense pain.

Wanna blog about my experience about lost of passport in Singapore. I found that my passport lost on last friday morning when i wanna pack my things to go back JB. So i need to file police report in Singapore and the police officer will issue the Lost Passport report for me and also informed ICA about the lost of passport as well.

Once i got the report, i headed to Malaysia Embassy in Singapore located at 301 Jervois Road (off River Valley Road) and vert isolated. It's located between the high end residential area. We can only take cab to reach there. So inconvenient.

Anyway, once i reached the HICOM, we need to exchange passes to enter. Since i lost my passport, i need to fill up the application for passport form which is same form as renewal passport form. I also need to take photo and photocopy the police report, IC Malaysia and my Singapore PR IC.Since this is my first time, i did not have all these with me and i had to paid SGD7 for the photos (4pcs) and also photocopy fees.

Once the application was filled up,i took the queue and went to the passport counter. The person in-charge checked all the details and process a temporary passport for me so that i can go back JB to do my new passport. The temporary passport cost me SGD21. Arghh...so expensive. I reached the HICOM to apply around 3.30pm and luckily the officers told me that i can get my temporary passport by 4.30pm. So with the temporary passport, we can go back JB to do our actual passport with another charges of RM300. That's the price to pay if passport is lost.

Since i'm PR in singapore, i will need to go ICA to do the re-entry permit for the temporary passport before i can finally go back JB using the temporary passport.There is charges for the fees as well.

So many procedures need to be done and most important u need to call police,ICA and HICOM to confirm all the proceduring stuffs as diff area has different of saying so everything must be double confirm.

Neverthless, i get to know the lost passport proceduring and gain experience from there. So, must be extra careful to keep ur things in place...


Chew said...

Hi, I just lost my Msian passport recently in Sg during house moving. Can you share more details what is the procedure for reapplication? Is it true that there's a 5-year ban if you lost ur passport as circulated in the internet? How long does it take for you to get your new passport again? Is it much faster to reapply new passport from Msia than Sg? Hope to hear from you soon...

LeO GaL said...

Chew: firstly report to police to get the report. POlice will immediately email and update ICA.
Then u bring along your report, go to Malaysia Embassy to do your temporary passport. The Malaysia embassy closes @ 4.30pm so u must reach there at least an hour before to get them to process your temporary passport so that you can return to Malaysia to do your Malaysia passport. Lost passport is not allow to do in Singapore's Malaysia Embassy. We need to go back and do. The charges for the temporary passport SGD21. It is in brown colour. U also need to prepare 2 passport size photo along to do your temporary passport. If u don't have there is a photo machine there cost SGD7 for 4 photos. And photocopy ur police report, M'sia IC.
If you are PR, u need to go to ICA to report as well even though the police said they will update them but u need to pay certain charges for the temporary re-entry letter.
Once you do your new passport in m;sia, u need to go back ICA to do the re-entry permit as well.

Chew said...

Hi, thanks a lot for your reply.

I'm curious about re-do the passport process in JB.
I'm a PR too, but I'm not staying in JB. Did you get your passport back in the same day you apply in JB? I read the Immigresen dept website, it will take 3-4 months to process. As we are working here, we can't stay at M'sia for 3-4 months.
Not sure that applicable to you.

So, you gotten your new passport yet?

Appreciate your reply.
I'm quite anxious now.. :(

LeO GaL said...

actually the malaysia embassy in sg issue the temporary passport to u can last for 3 mths and u must go to ICA to do your re-entry permit letter so that u can travel to and fro M'sia and sg anytime within 3 mths.
Lost passport cannot get the passport immediately when u go back m;sia to do. It will take 1 mth time as it's a penalty for us wo.Based on what the officer told me.

So, have you gone to m'sia embassy?

Chew said...

Thanks a lot...
Not yet to High Comm. Still gathering all the necessary documents to file for application.

When you said take a month, is it your experience or it is the rule for the officer to issue after a month?
Any $ fine for the lost, other than the RM300 for new passport? Thanks for the above advice.

LeO GaL said...

Hi Chew,
How is your status?Sorry i jz saw ur comment.
It's the officer of the Malaysia Embassy told me

Elgin said...

I have a situation. My wife who is singaporean PR. She just renewed her passport. The thing is that she got a new passport but has accidentately misplaced the old one. what will happen?

LeO GaL said...

Have she update her re-entry PR permit thru online or to ICA bulding for her new passport?If yes shld be no prob gua.
Otherwise, u need to call ICA to clarify ya

NafKar89 said...

What happens if you lose your passport overseas? Do you need to apply for visa to get back in to Singapore?

LeO GaL said...

Hi NafKar89, i'm not sure about this. u can call and ask :)

Kang said...

Hi wanted to ask how much totally it cost u to get through all the stuff

Hazel said...

Hi Kang

Temporary passport will be around SGD40 and a new passport will cost RM300 or SGD150 if you do it in Singapore. Hope this helps

Bernice said...

Hi would like to ask How long did you take to redo your Malaysian passport in malaysian? One day? do you need to go back another day?

What is the documents that we need to prepare? Im a PR working in Singapore and need your employment letter signed by employer?

Appreciate your reply.


Hazel said...

Hi Bernice

I will reply you through email

Anonymous said...

steps on losing Malaysia passport in SG:

1. report to at any SG police station

2. bring the police statement to the malaysia embassy singapore (refer: http://www.kln.gov.my/web/sgp_singapore/home),
required 2passports size photo & photocopy of police statement

3. if you want to do redo lost new malaysia passport, there are 2options
a. at singapore malaysia embassy, which takes you 3-4 weeks approximately, that you cant go out SG between that period

b. at immigration malaysia johor, which takes you 1week approximately, where you can use the temporary passport
multiple entries issues from malaysia embassy singapore(6pages temporary passport last 3months @1hour issued out
from the malaysia embassy with SGD21) travel between SG and Malaysia only. Just show your SG IC to the SG custom
officer and MY IC to the Msia custom officer accordingly and you will be able to travel between SG and MY temporary.

4. After you took your new passport, use Singpass and login to the ICA website and reprint the PR(New passport no) as told from the ICA officer, where you do not need to go ICA personally

For myself, i had finished steps 1,2,3b. I'm gonna redo lost passport @JB this weekend which according to the officer that will issues me new passport next following weeks. Then will login to the ICA website and print it out.

lost Malaysia passport @SG processes as OCT 2013

Jon said...

Hi hazel, can i check with you how long did u take to replace your passport in malaysia? And what are the documents required there?

Hazel said...

Hi Jon

It will takes half a day to get it done.
I just had my passport renew last month. The system has changed. Just bring along your I/C and the loss passport report to the immigration and they will do the processing.
The forms are all computerized now and photos are taken on the spot.
Hope this helps!

ZongLow_Ben said...

Gosh just lost my passport today, all the useful tips from you guys are utmost appreciated!

Ham Crystal said...

Hi guys! I lost my PR IC, M'sia passport and IC. I had filed a police report and went to ICA yesterday afternoon to try to make a replacement for my PR IC, however I didn't manage to do so as passport or re-entry permit is needed to proceed. I'm going to M'sia Embassy Tmr, however I'm still very worried and very lost as of what do I need to prepare or do. Hope that you guys could help and give me some advice. I pretty worried as I will need my passport for oversea trip by 3rd week of Novemeber. Will I be able to get my passport in time? Please help! Thanks a lot.

P.S. : by far this is the most informative post regarding lost passport that I could find on google! Thanks!

Hazel said...

My advice is that once you get your temporary passport, go to JB to get your passport and IC done.
Note that you need to do you Malaysia IC first before you can do your passport. Usually if you go early morning to queue for IC application, you can get it within a day. Once you got your IC done, you can do your passport. Go early as well and you will get it done within a day.
Once everything settle,i think you need to login in to ICA website to settle your re-entry permit so that your information is registered in when you enter Singapore.

Malaysia Immigration for Passport & IC are open on Sunday too. You can do it at http://www.malaysiapassport.com/Immigration_Offices/Johor_Bahru.htm

Hope this is helpful

Unknown said...

Hi,I did lost my passport and permit...I like to know wad are the procedure to take back the work permit..can anybody let me know the procedure also...

Anonymous said...


I lost my passport and Msia IC on 26 Jan and made a police report on the day itself.

I went to the Msia Embassy on 2 Feb and I took passport photos via the machine, photocopied IC and police report and filled up a form. I brought along my SG IC and birth certificates.

After queuing up, the counter staff gave me a lost passport report form and told me to go over to the consular side after it is filled.

After filling up, the man at the consular told me to find "Mr I." at counter 10 at the main building for interview. So, queuing up at the consular was for nothing.

After finding "Mr I.", he brought me over to a standing table which had English translation of the form, which I had already went and filled up accordingly, and he told me to fill up the form which I had already done so. Apparently, he did not pay attention to what I say and pointed out the blanks which I had no idea how to fill (for e.g. particulars of the lost passport). At this point, I was feeling frustrated and angry because he told me to go over to the consular side again afterwards.

Ok, at the consular side, the man who initially did not look at the form at all before asking me to find "Mr I." gave me another paper to fill and told me to get a number after briefly scanning through the loss report form.

I waited for at least 30 minutes and the consular counter lady asked me to wait and afterwards, I was told to go to the embassy on 7 Feb as my lost report was sort of "approved".

I received a call from a lady a day later saying that a page was not completely filled and she asked if I am free to go to the embassy. I was furious but controlled my tone of voice replying her that I am not free to do so because I had already gotten myself a MC for school yesterday and I can only make it on the 7th Feb. I do not understand why didn't they check the documents before ordering us what to do and where to go. She agreed that I can come on the 7 Feb and if I am lucky the officer is around, I am able to do the passport (roll eyes).

Today is 6 Feb, I received a call from her in the evening saying that I have to pass her the form which I had submitted to the consular side to her at counter 10.

This is seriously enough. The procedures were not clear and I even doubted that this was their first case regarding lost passport. She also mentioned that only after she received the form, "they" will then investigate and give me a call 1 month later, THEN ONLY I can go down and do the passport. For god's sake, the consular is right beside the main building, what is she trying to get me to do?!

Trust me, I don't think her thread of thoughts is clear because she can't seem to tell me the standard procedures, instead, most of the staffs too.

My father told me that they are doing it purposely to make life difficult for me; lost case, and that I am in no position to talk to them rudely.

Just sharing my experience with everyone...

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