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My dad and i went for the Japan Food Fair Trade exhibition at Suntec City Convention Centre last thursday. it was an eye-opener for my dad and myself. I been to several food fair exhibitions before but this time round is different. This fair are purely exhibitors from Japan and they brought their products all the way from Japan.So the taste and the presentation of the products are totally different from the local ones. We was invited by one of the sake exhibitor.

Random photos which we get from the exhibitions. I have more but then my dad finished it up before i got time to take picture.hehe..

This is special as initially i thought it was normal jelly but once i tried it, it has a strong tequilla taste and i feel hot after eating it in a gulp at the first time. Towards the end of exhibition, the exhibitor from this booth does not want to carry heavy luggage back to Japan so free us a pack.

Tequila Ball from Japan

I thought it is special so i brought some to my colleagues to try and they played prank to my boss with the jelly. He ate it in a gulp and he regretted. I was funny to see his reactions when he finished it up.
Closer look at the tequilla ball
The appearance totally looks like normal jelly and you will not realize it contains alcohol until you smell it and take it closer to your nose to smell.
The inside look of the jelly tequilla
 Normally we only ate soba in green colour and we found something new here in the exhibition. Soba can actually comes with different flavours and not sure about the taste but we going to cook it during chinese new year. So hopefully i can snap the picture of the cooked soba with sauce :)
Soba with two types of flavors - Japanese Yam & Tumeric
 We also got the cut wakame which is equivalent to dried seaweed which comes well with miso soup or topping for sashimi. It also comes with salted ones which is appropriate for soup and sashimi as well. Can't wait to try it as it's something new as well.
Salted cut wakame from Japan
 Umeshu wine is something new and we purchased it. The taste was very smoothing and it does not taste dried nor spicy. It is actually red wine with umeshu (japanese plum) and it still remains the red wine taste instead. It is best served chilled so our family are going to enjoy it during chinese new year with avocado and seaweed. It would be taste like heaven. 
Addition for CNY celebration with Family-Umeshu Red Wine
 Lastly the frozen conger eel which is given by a handsome young lad 24 years old. His boss send him alone to Singapore for the exhibition. He has excellent english speaking. Normally japanese guys have difficulties in speaking english but he is good.So it was kind of him to give us the free sample of frozen conger eel and also matcha mochi but the mochi has finished up.No pictures.hehe!
Frozen cooked conger eel
The conger eel was done with the pevious post for our simple dinner prepared by my mum. I think we are good at enjoying japanese food. *self-praised*


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