This is how u will look like when u are frustrated with the work...

Tension+haggard+Bloated with air~
Dun know how long this situation will continues.. Sooner or later i sure can't stand it..Head going to explore..Arghh..Life is so unfair...*sob**sob* Then i got ulcer early morning but still can enjoy nice food lo.. hehe!
Anyway,went to buffet outlet to had lunch today.hehe!Ate my fav teppanyaki beef.I so lovin it!!After the meal, i need to continue to work.How i wish after the lunch can go for a nap would be wonderful but sound like a pig,rite?hehe!My tummy getting bigger and i think i gonna look like auntie dy...Gonna careful on my figure now..haha!Old liao
Talking about current issues...Obama won the US election and made the first history to be the 1st black US President. This leads to Asia Market soar...will the historical moments able to revive the World's economy recession??


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