Finally i have something nice to post up.hehe!SY was here in s'pore yes and we met up for dinner and supper.I knocked off on dock and took a bus to Far East Plaza to join her. She was already there enjoying her shoppipng spree for cny.

After few sms and call, i finally reached and we went for my dinner (her morning +lunch+ dinner). lolz. Geng ho..never eat anything since she woke up at 3pm for her haircut.

So, we randomly choose a noodle restaurant in the shopping complex for our dinner. Opps..i forget the rest name. Too hungry dy. The noodle texture is smooth and Q. Overall ok and most important SY treated me..lolz..

m3 posing with the set noodle with chicken chop+ wanton soup+ veg = SGD5.50. The chicken chop texture is tender and soft. Very nice to chew as well coz i had my retainer on so a bit hard to chew hard foods..

SY with her dish- Same set except she ordered fish fillet instead. SGD6.00. She so hungry that she finish everything in a blink..Kidding least faster than me..

Then, we ordered a pot of Rose tea (consists of red dates, crysthamun flowers, and some interesting herb). Jz nice for 2 pax to drink. Taste nice. Refreshing as well. The pot of tea costs SGD5.80 and we can refill the hot tea for 2-3times. Tat's wat the boss told us.

Then while enjoying the tea, we talked about life philosophy about going for extreme change of lifestyle, day dreaming stuffs..then reminds us that we are going to be 2x soon. Two rats..

After the dinner, we walked around and accompany her to shop and gosh i be her maid. She bought a lot of things. Below pic shows everything.All her stuffs lo..Everytime come sg sure will buy shoes. Sg shoes design nicer wo..

Then she also did manicure while waiting for me. neh..Anyway, after the shopping, we took a cab back to Clark Quay coz her hotel Novotel is located there. Then, we had our 'supper' at Coffee Club. Ordered Seafood Platter and drinks. Ordered Hoegarden to try. Finally know what's that. It's a Belgium beer and the taste is more refreshing compared to Heneiken.I like it..hehe
Posing Photos below *wink*

Satisfaction pic from both of us..
Stayed up to chat til 8plus and i need to part with her. She needs to get prepare to fly back to dubai. Gonna miss her...

P/S: Bought 2 belt at SGD20 yesterday. Finally found it.
Nose bleeding again..i think i gonna see doc soon


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