Toblerone Love

Spread ur Love Here @ Toblerone website to your loved ones!It can be a Valentine gift as well.hehe!It's virtual present with a little imagination..lolz..I tried it by sending to someone.Hope the one receives it with delight.

The most interesting part is that you do not need to register in as member to send the gifts. But of course if you register as one, the variety & chances to win fabulous prizes. So, this is how it works..

Step 1: Choose the person you would like to give. It appears as below

Next: the website will appear the gifts for you to choose. Each of us will be given 50 points and not allow to use more than 50 points. So, u can see below that member has advantage as in even more gifts to choose..hehe!But for me..i think it's more than enough given..So, i picked 3 items which is 40points for my gift..

Step 3: After u choose the gift, click proceed and it will appear 5 different designs of wraps for u to beautify your present..Cool right?So, choose one!and i choose the 4th one..

Then, type the message for your loved ones..

Lastly typed your name & the recipient name & email address and there you go!The virtual gift is completed and jz click send and wait for your recipient to unwrap it!I'm waiting for mine to respond to me.. :)

It's an interesting way to spread your love and it's virtually regardless where is your loved ones.I think it's good for those who are staying far away from their loved ones..Be it your friends, colleagues, siblings, parents or anyone!

Anyway, toblerone also organize contest for those who are interested. So, check it out..

P/S: 2 more days to go before i can go home and celebrate CNY..Bought seafoods back for family and hope won't get tax when i need to cross the super long custom..


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