It's Friday!

Mocca Birthday Cake for my superior, Adeline for her b'day. We had a small celebration in our office. We bought a voucher from Eu Yan Sang as b'day gift shared with colleagues..
Took few pics for during the celebration:-

B'day Lady & the mocca cake
Group photo. Can spot me?seems like i got a chubby face under the light..
After the work, i went to Angelmama house to see ther darling baby, Andre..Isn't he cute?Chubby look and his hair is in curl!!So tiny mini little one. Too bad he was sleeping all the way when i reached.
Although he is stil sleeping, i insisted to take pic with him so tat i can upload in my bog to show everyone..haha!especially as a representative from the group to pass the gift to the baby..Right?

oh ya..i foud something interesting here..can anyone guess who is this?So pretty in the gown..actually we can see similiar resemblance from the pic,rite?
This lady is still so lovey dovey now..Can guess correctly?The photos taken years ago..

Had a chat v angeline before she accompany me to mrt after dinner at her house. We do updating info to each other as we has not met for quite sometimes..So, i reached home (JB home) around 9 plus pm..


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