Bojetyu Japanese Restaurant

Orchard Central @ Singapore’s 1st ‘Vertical Mall’ at Orchard Road located at Somerset Mrt.It is the tallest pure-retail destination. You can check it out here for more details.
Anyway, i went there on wed to look for a japanese restaurant name Ootoya. But then there is a queue at the restaurant so we decided to opt for other restaurant. So, we ended up at Bojetyu Japanese restaurant located at 7th floor. The building is freaking high and all glasses mounted and you can see everything below clearly...
Shall post about the food we had in the Bojetyu rest. We (s.wei & the bf & ssc) including me we ordered 3 sets of different type to try.

Moonlight Okonomiyaki- consists of prawn, squid and other seafood in it. See the yellow egg york displayed?It represent the moon.It has lotsa katsuo bushi topping on top. It's delicious...

Next we have yakisoba which we add $2.00 for the noodle to go with it. Basically it's the noodle wrap with omelette and the sauces as topping..I dun really like the noodle taste coz a bit hard for me. But i think it's acceptable.

Then we have combo teppanyaki (comprises of 3pcs of tiger prawn, beef teppan, bean sprout & clam). The bean sprout is not fully cooked. The rice is nice.

Random photo

Then we have the couple photo which i edited.nice?hehe

Random photos below:-

This is the scary escalator i took from 4th floor all the way up to 8th floor. I super scare and i dun dare to look beside me coz it's open space.

The transparent lifts that we can take to go all the way up to 8th floor etc...There have a small space for customers like us to sit down and chat.It's like the hotel lobby look.

I didn't take much of the photos at orchard central that day.Most of the shops are yet to open and nothing much there also. What i can say is that there are many japanese restaurants located in the shopping mall. Business is so competitive nowadays..
Oh ya..sschuan and i so happen to see s.whei and jack that day. So we decided to have dinner together.It's pleasant dinner with lotsa catching up :)


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