Shenzhen back to Guangzhou

Jz back from Tioman Trip on Monday and back to work..
This is my last post for my china trip. We took an hr train back to guangzhou instead of taking bus. The train cost is slightly higher than the bus fare by RMB3-RMB difference only. We took bus from Longgang to Shenzhen railway station cum custom to HK. Too bad i can only see the signature but cannot go..haha!Anyway, u can see the photos below to share my experience.The distance is just like JB to Singapore.

Saw the signature to HK!!I wanna go!

Photos taken at the railway station cum interchange bus station as well. It's huge place and full of people moving in and out. Plus weather is bad.Raining heavily and i need to bring umbrella along. We bought our train ticket to guangzhou and placed our luggage at luggage centre before heading to Dongguan (largest shopping centre area in Shenzhen).

While waiting for bus to Dongguan, took a pic of the bus stop signage..

The town area is crowded with people.Random photos taken at Dongguan.I didnt buy anything there coz the quality of the clothes is not tat good also although it's cheap. So, jz look around and bought a pair of scandal coz my sport shoes are very wet.

I took this pic just because i wanna have the police car snapshot.haha!Coz China ppl dun allow ppl take photo of their stall, car or watever la.So, no choice i have to pretend to take picture lo..hehe!

Random tall building

We shopped like 2hrs and back to the station and took a train to Guangzhou. It's like MRT system in Singapore and Malaysia. It's fully air-con as well.

I took this pic coz i wanna show how generous they are in giving away free mineral water in the railway station.It's so convenient for passengers who is going for an hr or more journey. It's a service which we don't get in Singapore nor in Malaysia.Plus point i guess...

Shot taken during the journey from Shenzhen to Guangzhou

The duplicate photo of the bullet train we took from Shenzhen to Guangzhou.It's very new and look so pro,right?All i can said that Shenzhen is an international city and it's modernized.haha!

Once we reached, we book a hotel room nearby and i took a bus to airport the following day.It's a good exposure and i get to know the culture there and also the people there also. It's totally different from people in S'pore and M'sia. It's feel good to be back home and i still prefer here in S'pore and M'sia *grins*
Some random shots of the blue skies.Took it from the plane back to S'pore...


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