How i spend my Xmas Eve

24th Dec- Xmas eve...

Met up with my nut member,p.har in Sg after my working hours. She was so excited to shop in Singapore. I'm glad she is here celebration xmas with me. Hippee...

So, the first stop was to Bugis street. Her all time fav coz she can find cheap and pretty dresses there.
But it was a huge crowd and everyone was stuck in between the streets to get to BUGIS STREET. It was noon time and it's packed with people!!!
But this small obstacle does not stop my dear to shop. She still wanna join the crowd and we managed to squeeze in and get to the street and got her shopping spree kick off..

After hanging out at bugis street, we headed to somerset mrt---> Orchard central to have dinner with Yongling. So, i suggested to go to Ootoya so p.har can try the japanese food. Luckily, she loves it and enjoyed the dinner.
P.har choice

My choice. I love to eat fish but i still cannot finish it coz the portion is too big for me.

Chef recommendation and it's Yong ling's choice of the day
After the dinner, i insisted to bring her for the ice-cream @ ION coz i really feel happy after a sip of the ice-cream taste. I know i sound like so exaggerating but it's truth after u tasted it.haha!

Along the way, we stopped and took few pics to feel the xmas season..

Then we saw Santa Claus walking down the streets and we quickly grab the chance to get a shot with the Santa Claus!!

Enough of the random shot, we proceed to orchard mrt and towards ION for the dessert!!

All the fav ice-cream - My dark choco, mango sorbet and melon sorbet!!Yummy!!
SGD5.90 for 3 diff flavors and it's worth my happiness.

It was still early after the dessert so we headed home first to get prepare for the night. P.har wanted to experience Singapore nightlife. So we went to Clark Quay. Luckily my seniors are joining us coz 2 of us and we know nuts about those pub stuffs..
So ended up we have 13ppl which includes my col, Tracy and her frens. It was all last min decision. Initially wanted to join evelyn but then Luna Bar was crowded with ppl. Sorry gal but i guessed you did enjoyed that night as well.hehe!!
Took few random pictures throughout the nite at Arena and it is quite fun with so many ppl hanging out together.

Followed by super at Geylang Lorong 27..

We ended the night after the supper :)

Then the following day, i brought p.har to shop again @ Far east plaza coz she complaining tat she didn't shop enought at Bugis.

Next post will be up soon

Stay tuned..


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