Sat @ KL

Had a short post last week on my KL trip. Continue with my KL trip story. We arrived early morning on Sat and went to Jalan Kuchai Lama for Dim Sum. We went to the famous dim sum coffeeshop there with their speciality is the dumpling rice covered with the bun skin.
Picture show below:-
It is actually being advertised in one of the food programme by Channel 8. We saw the photos of the actor "Dai Yang Tian" displayed.
The portion is big and quite full if you eat alone. So i think better to share so that you can taste other dim sum foods

Varieties of foods that we ordered

After the dim sum, we went to Hock Thiam's house to take a short break and decide our next stop. So end up we decided to watch the WOOHOO movie (local m'sia production). The movie is so 'hot' popular we have to go to BREM MALL @ Kepong to watch the movie. I bet many ppl dun know where is this place and never heard before.
So we went to Kepong for the movie in the afternoon. Once arrived at Kepong, we decided to fill our stomach first. So, we went into Korean restaurant to try the food there.
The service is bad. Why m i saying so because of the poor customer service oriented staff. The staff does not allow us to order few ala-carte. He said we should order more since the portion is enough for 2 persons only. He strongly insisted us to order more.
Thus, leaving us no choice, we ordered slightly more but he still not satisfies. But then we are customers. So we have our right whether to order or not. Perhaps he need to hit the target sales or watsoever.
Anyway, that's not the main point. We had good food, good laughters with funny jokes & craps. Few photos taken from hock thiam fb album:-

Followed by FULLHOUSE @ Chinatown, Damansara area. I had arranged to meet up with bestie, Ju and my Nut member, Pik har for dinner together with the gang.
Picture of bestie & her husband, Calvin. It was one week before she gave birth. Her baby is adorable..She has a smooth delivery and congrats her..Mummy Ju dy...

In the midst of the FULLHOUSE Menu, we found something interesting. There is a picture of our fren & his gf..

Foods & group photos..
The food is super not nice. Tasteless especially the aglio oglio totally no ingredients only the dried tomato. My wrong choice of order.

P/S: Bestie just gave birth to a baby gal. I'm proud of her.She has a very happy family.Baby to share the joyous & happiness
P/S: Pik har,nut member is doing very well in her career. Good BF to care for her
P/S : WT,nut member got her key to her very own house. Finally she told. happy for her..
P/S: As for myself, i'm going to try something new & i believe it's going to be better & better..Jia you!!


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