April is the jobless month for me. Having own freedom and being alone all the time makes me think a lot. No doubt i'm a problematic person as i tend to have a lot of why here and there.I have many thoughts running in my mind. I dun know which is right and which is wrong. Hesitating is always there and i need to break the wall of fear and doubts.

Sometimes i wonder why i have so many worries and hesitating whereas people surrounding me are so freely happy.People will tend to say it's only surface and depends on how u look at it. It's either positive or negative. It's the matter on how u look at your perspective ways.

'Pain' the word is exactly how it feels to be. There are many things that does not turn out the way u want. So being in a realistic world, things are always unexpected and the mentality must be there to be prepared for the worst. But sometimes mind just cannot control and keep thinking that it should be the way it is which in another way that i just deny to accept the fact.

People always say time reveal everything. Saying is believing but the period is a very tough time to pass by. But deep in my heart i wish it will back to normal soon.


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