HK Disneyland

Finally got the chance to step my foot to HK disneyland. I went there last week with Daphne. We made last minute decision for a short trip to HK.It's a good trip after all. :)
Let's take a ride to the world of disney fantasy.
We took the mickey train ride and tadah...we arrived Disneyland and that's how our fantasy starts for the day

We bought the entrance ticket at HKD350. As we step ourselves to the world of disney, maybe u can look up to the signage above where i found it quite interesting.

We get the first shot before we enter to the magical place :)

Finally the castle for the princess where located at the heart of the disneyland.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie are the first characters that we took there. Everyone needs to queue to take a snap with the disney characters.

Goofy and Pluto with me :)

Random photos of the building inside :)

Disneyland has divided to several parts. There have adventure land, airspace craft, small world and etc. Below is the picture of the small world designs and me :)
Toy'rus character with daphne and me :)

We also managed to catch 3.30pm disney parade. We can see many disney characters during the parade. I did not upload here. If u guys wanna see, check out my fb as i uploaded the whole album there.

I have Winnie The Pooh with me. too bad a bit blur :(

We managed to get the second shot with sleeping beauty princess. She even recognized us and said we cant never get enough princess in our photo album. It made me blushed red.But she is very gorgeous and has a very sweet voice.

Chips and Dale with me.

Random photos of me with the balloons. HK ppl are quite friendly as they allow us to take pics everywhere and anywhere without saying 'No' to us. I still remember when i went to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, i was not allowed to take pics of their stalls etc.

When the lights are on...i think nearly to 7pm

Took another shot of the castle with the lights on and it truly awesome with the lightings. Took it while waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Finally the fireworks show starts and we can see many beautiful sparks around the castle. Just a few random shots that i managed to capture on that time.

Gonna end my post with splendid sparks of fireworks from castle

Had a great time on that day at disneyland. Awesome is the word i can describe except for the walking parts and the visitors part.hehe


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