Xue Ping ROM Day

I know been a lot of upset things happening lately.
This post is about my ex-colleague happiness day which is on 23/10/10. It's her ROM ceremony at Orhid Park Condominium at Yishun. She invited few of her close frens to witness the ceremony.
Photos below credited to Derrick I-phone 4
The bridegroom (Li Xun) & bride (Xue Ping) taken using instax film

Another sweet photo taken.She is going to decorate her wedding guest book with all the guests photo taken using instax film with guests' signature

Bride & me~i get to keep this for momento

I managed to take a snap with the Good Morning Hosts.They helped XP with the make up and the whole ceremony event.
A simple and nice ROM ceremony where all the closed friends are invited and had a buffet session and game session together. I think it's very good.No much of hassle and happiness are spread all over.
Waiting for her to share with us her wedding photos taken at Qingdao, china.If i have the chance, i will post it.hehe!
Happy Marriage to Li Xun & Xue Ping!
P/S: Grandpa getting thinner and thinner but his right hand is still very strong.
P/S: My grandma has asthma attack last Friday and was sent to emergency KT Hospital.


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