Set 7 Reunion on Nov

Met up with Penny,Andrew,Ray & Janice last Tuesday in KL. So Sweet of them to spend their noon with me. I arrived KL around 12 pm and met them at one of the lrt station and headed to One Utama for lunch. Janice was still with the customer and met us up in late afternoon.
After the lunch, we dropped by Kota Damansara and went to OCBC Al-Amin branch to have a look. It has a very nice working environment unlike at Jalan TAR.Penny has her own small room, desktop and phone. But then alone all the time. That's the difference working in branch and sales department at Jalan TAR.
After a visit to the branch, we went for dessert. just opened another branch at Kota Damansara so we headed the dessert shop. It's quite famous in KL and everyone loves it

It comes with 3 different types of series which i don't really remember clearly. Two of them are soyabean icing and black sugar icing. Once you choose which series you want, u can also choose the toppings you preferred from the list given.
Pictures speaks :-

This is Ray's choice- Soyabean icing as the base with the toppings include red bean, yam,jelly & black bubble (not sure is it the right word in english).

This is the latest promotion dessert called coco loco- Black sugar icing as the base with taro balls,jelly and coco loco as the toppings.It's Andrew choice.

Penny and mine fav: Normal icing with lotsa of taro balls, jelly, barley and potato. It's delicious. Makes me drooling now~
After the dessert, we went to Sunway Giza which is located at Kota Damansara as well to wait for Janice to arrive. So,while waiting for her to arrive, we went for KTV session which costs us RM24 for the room and we can sing all we can for 3 hours!!RM24 is very cheap and it comes with a bowl of snacks. This is promotion during weekdays and off peak hours. We will need to order drink separately.
It's Teo Heng KTV studio which does not sell liquors and no smoking is allowed. It's family oriented and studio KTV which is quite affordable for everyone.
The room is very small. We took a pic of Ray to show how 'big' the size of room.U can imagine the size of the room now,right?

Penny is our top singer of the day. Basically she can sing all kinds of songs.Damn good!

Random snaps but our Andrew and Penny are very sensitive to camera.Janice came later to join us for short KTV session

Best acting awards goes to Janice the permaisuri and Penny the dayang

After the KTV ended, we went to FULLHOUSE for light dinner. Since Janice never been there before, she suggested to try although we advise the food and service is not good.
Photos can only be upload in next post when Janice upload in fb.

If you guys want to try the taiwan Snowflakes in KL, the dessert shop is located at below areas:-
  1. Pavilion KL
  2. Subang Jaya SS15 (upstairs of the shophouses)
  3. Kota Damansara


p3eng peNg wond3rl@nd said...

hey gal... so hard recommendation on Snowflakes leh u... haha... got sooooo nice mer... hehe... anyway, the ktv u mentioned is located in sunway giza mall? or outside one...?its really cheap if compare to neway lo...
by the way, where are u now? how come resigned but didnt told us one... ==

LeO GaL said...

is it?how come u feel hard sell?But i like to eat their taro ball.
The ktv is outside next to the Care pharmacy or opposite Fullhouse. It's at 2nd floor one. u wanna go v byi?
i'm working in jb osk now..low profile ma..dun really like kl

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