Vegetarian Dinner

It was very nice of my seniors fetching my sis and i out for dinner over the weekend. And also join us for vegetarian food for the dinner. I guess it was their first attempt to eat vegetarian foods and it wasn't that bad as they think.

But of course not the dish below. The capsicum chili spagethi (not very sure of the name but it's a mixture of the ingredients) which tasted very weird. This is ah yap choice for the day. Everyone cannot accept the taste..

This is the mushroom spagethi ordered by ah qiang and shyh Qin. It tasted like mushroom spagethi except that the ingredients are limited. Only brocolli and mushroom and the portion is sort of not enough for them.

Followed by tomyam beehoon orderd by my sis and myself. The taste like tom yam of course and not bad.

Ala-carte nugget (vegetarian nugget). Taste like chicken nugget. Crispy and tender...

Their signature beancurd. The sauce blends well with the beancurd and the beancurd is very smooth. Taste delicious..Thumbs up

We have YL here forcing himself taking his vegetarian dinner. He ordered vegetable curry rice. In the end, he only ate the white rice with the curry sauce. The vegetables are taken by us.So in the end he was requesting for second round as it is not filling for him

This is how his vegetable curry rice shot. Looks nice and delicious right?

Followed by Daphne choice. Fried Kuey Tiao and she feedback that the taste is very tasty.

My sis and i seldom take photos together. So thanks to the photographer for the shot.

After the dinner, we had a group photo...

Next round, we went to Permas Jaya for dessert @ Secret Recipe..

Sinful Brownie with vanilla ice-cream..
Imagine the mixture of vanilla ice-cream blend with the brownie and the chocolate syrup in your saliva is drooling now...

Cheesecake which is Daphne's favourite. Taste nice and smell great as well...

Lastly we have another group photo before they headed back kt.
Thanks for yl being expert in MAC products and solve the problem.

That's all for now...


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