IT Girl on Facebook

 IT Girl application in Facebook is the latest game i'm addicted with now. This is recommended by my sister. As you know girls love to doll up and it requires lots of spending where u will burn your pocket hole. So i fulfill my desire through playing doll up @ IT Girls. I sound a bit childish.I know but i think once in a while should be alright.

This game allows us to doll up the mannequin based on our own style. Below is some of the designs i love it. We have casual wear,hottie style,beach wear, formal events outfits and sunny wear..

As you can see, we can buy so many clothes with just a click on the mouse.It's a kind of satisfaction.haha!Anyway,just a random post and i have the urge of blogging back as i just revamp my blog. Don't you think it looks more neat and appealing? 


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