3 Little Tigers

Random photos taken from Ju's fb photo album. 3 little tigers (From Left: Belle-Issac-Yann Yann). Cute little ones and been such a darling when i carry them. Love babies.They are all so adorable and sweet. I went over to Ju's house on first day of cny to visit her and her darling with yann yann's birthday present. Carry all the 3 babies the whole afternoon being a nanny for a while.hehe!

Went to pick up SSC with ju and yann yann and continue camwhoring with the 3 little tigers. 3 buddies for more than 10 years. Followed by photos taken 2 days later when we went to Today's Mall for movie called '天天好天'. Local production movie by local actors and actresses.

 So coincidentally met up with Pei Ling and her finance. They are getting ROM on 14th of the month. So sweet able to find partner and settle down together.

Followed by group photo after the movie with the rest. After that, we headed to KT for visiting friends house and ended last stop at sheng pey's house.

Last stop was Ah Yap's new house.Took a group photo before back jb with rachel
Ended my short post with yann yann photo :)
Muscular Yann Yann


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