Saturday Morning

 I was supposed to go to Singapore after work yesterday but i was held up by a talk and reached home 7 plus. I became lazy and tired so postpone my trip to next day. I dragged myself from my cozy bed and woke up 6.30am to get ready to go to singapore. It was quite surprising as i only took around 30mins to reach kranji mrt. It was a quick one. Waited for my sis to meet me at marsiling mrt and we went off to toa payoh post office and breakfast.

Sometimes i wonder why i need to continue with this but then at least i'm finding ways to enrich my time and   also my portfolio.So although sometimes is quite tiring and discouragement saying so much hassle etc, i still continue it as a little voice asking me to carry on.

Pictures taken using my sis iphone application called instagram. I love the effects of the photos and it is so convenient that once you capture the photo, you can immediately upload to your fb,twitter,blog and others which u can just update your current status. How advance the technology now.Too bad i still cant bring myself to buy touch-screen hp although quite tempting. My hp still can use.hehe!

Customers Parcels
One thing good about Singpost is that they do open during weekends especially Sunday so i won't face much difficulties on wondering how to post my stuffs to customers.So after i'm done with my parcel posting, we headed for breakfast.

This is our first time having breakfast at Burger King. Basically the breakfast sets are quite similar with Mcd. We ordered scrambled egg with the choice of bacon and drink and another set of croissant 'wich' turkey ham that comes with the choice of tea or coffee. We also add on additional SGD0.50 for hashbrown.
Scrambled Egg with choice of bacon platter

Croissant "wich" Turkey Ham

The breakfast was awesome with company of course. It has been quite sometime since i have this feeling.Maybe because i'm currently working in Malaysia. The feeling and environment totally different. It is kinda relax enjoying breakfast looking at people walking by and just sit down and laze around for a while.

Basically i spent 3hours in Singapore today to get my things down and enjoy a pleasant breakfast before i headed back home to do chores.

So how you spent your weekend?


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