127 Hours

It has been long time since i last watched movie.I watched "127 Hours" movie and it's a motivation movie.There's only one word to describe my thoughts we must live life to the fullest.You'll never know what will happen in next day or even next minute.

The movie is based on a true story about the engineer Aron Ralston who’s passion for mountain climbing led to an unfortunate accident in Bluejohn Canyon. The title giving 127 hours is the time he spent in a canyon with his arm crushed between the canyon wall and a big rock.

Along the movie, you see how Aaron Ralston live his life, how regret he was for ignoring calls from his mum, how he treated his family members and more. He fought and struggle to live with all his means and ways and at last he cut his arm to escape from the rock that crashed his arm and trap him in the Blue John canyon.

After managed to escape from the rock with the injured hand,he still struggle very hard to survive and get help.Really admire his spirit of never give up and determination is very strong. The will of staying alive is very strong whereby not everyone can do it.

He however managed to prove to us that everthing can be done with the determination and spirit of never ever thought of give up even though it seems to be no way. Worth watching it and understand the true meaning of the story.


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