Snapshots from Hawaii Theme

 Had my second company annual dinner last saturday at Palm Resort located at Senai.We had to reach there by 2pm for a talk and proceed for the annual dinner at 6.30pm. One of my colleague had a sudden back pain and we had to sent her to nearest clinic for an injection on her back. She barely can stand or walk nor move and we need to get a wheelchair to let her sit.She is admitted to hospital on that night for detailed check-up.

As for our annual dinner,everyone was dressed up in hawaii style as you can seen from the title of the post. Here are some of the photos on that night. More photos from FB.

Decorations @ the ballroom

Endless beer supplies
 As everyone starts to flood in the ballroom, we started our camwhoring sessions with all the iphone and cameras available on the spot.

Ladies from various branches

Molekers group photo
 Penny got the "Best Dressed" title on that night with her sexy catwalk pose on stage.
Penny & Me

Us with the outstanding red specs

Tina & Me

Ethan & Me

Li Yinn & Me

Remisiers & us

Jimmy & me

Fc Loh & Me


Group photo with heads
Fatherly Look CEO with us
 Other than making effort to dress in hawaii style, we need to perform on that night. It is a performance competition within branches with their own styles. 

The first group was from Batu Pahat where they matched the theme with the hawaii comedy drama and chinese songs to accomodate the whole roleplay. They were the first runner up that night.
Performance from Batu Pahat
 We didn't get to watch the whole performance as we need to change to our costume for performance.We managed to get a group photo shot before we get prepared to perform on stage.
Our performance group
 Our overview shots during the performance. The guys received the most laughters as they really dance hilariously and move well with the "move it" song.
Our performance that night
 Followed by the performance from another branch with their love story and little magic to complete the role play.
Performance from Taman Sutera Branch
 Last performance from supervisory branch with the team of 14 participants. They won the first prize that night. The highlight was the guy on the picture from the left showing his back to us. He wore the coconut shell in front of him and steal the limelight of all the ladies that night.Followed by live song from Penny and also Azlan who sang chinese songs. It was really a fantastic performance as they have the storyline. 

Performance from Johor Bahru Supervisory Branch
 Last photo is the photo of our branch head. he blowed the whistle non-stop when we were performing. he was very touched to see our performance. He sms-ed us after our performance with a gratitude thanks to our effort. But too bad we still lost in the end.
Endless support from Boss
However, we did enjoyed the whole process and they went chilled out after the dinner. But i headed home after the dinner. It was a tiring nite and needed to pay visit to grandpa the following day.


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