Marina Bay Sands Sight Seeing

On the First Day of May, we headed to The Helix Bridge and marina bay sands shopping mall for sight seeing and of course p.har favourite place, Bugis shopping spree. Her intention to release stress and shop at Bugis and finally her wish has been fulfilled. Photos below taken by P.har Canon Camera:-

Pardon my eyes very small.I know and i tried to open as big as i could to take pic. That's why i don't like to take picture under the sun and in the afternoon.Totally unglam.

View of the Buildings from Youth Olympic Park

Inside the route of Helix Bridge

View of the Esplanade

Floating Stadium

Art Museum

Random pic inside the mall

After that, we headed to Bugis to start shopping spree. I do not have plans to shop just a companion to P.har but in the end bought a dress after much consideration.Before we start shopping at Bugis Street, we filled our stomach first and saw there is a promotion for One to One lunch at Billy Bombers so we decided to give it a taste.

It's very rare now to see coke in a bottle and P.har wanted to take back home.It usually comes in a can instead.

Roasted Chicken with Mashed Potato

Fish & chips with extra large fries.

See how 'big' size the fries are

Lastly a group pic of us and we headed off shopping at bugis street before headed back JB.Luckily no jam on our way back and reach home just on time for dinner.


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