Top 10 Tips For Negotiating A Raise

When was your last time asking for a raise?

I was browsing the webs and this article spots me and here to share with you guys.

Here is the top 10 tips for negotating a raise:-

  1. Pick Your Timing Carefully

  2. Understand what your manager likely going to be thinking

  3. Don't talk about personal reasons for wanting a raise, like your expenses

  4. Don't compare your salary with co-workers

  5. Base your request on your value to the company

  6. Provide details to support your case

  7. Don't threaten to leave if you don't get a raise

  8. Don't have an attitude of an entitlement

  9. Rehearse what you going to say ahead of time

  10. Know what to do if your bosss says "No"


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