Grateful & Content

Jacy invited me to be helper for the "Big Day" today. She has been servicing for the elderly ministry at her church for the past 2 years. She is truly a devoted one. I am glad she gave me an opportunity to join them today. So basically it is wholly a new experience for me. We went to ubi estate to pick up the elderly. The elderly are mostly have illness and need to be in wheel chair all the time.

The ubi estate hdb flats are basically very small. They are staying at either 2-room flats or 1 room flat. And based on Jacy, some even filled up to 10 ppls in a flat.Can you imagine that?Each of them has their own stories. The sight of them reminds me of my grandparents.
Didn't really have the chance to take picture so just a few photos to share. Basically we have to hold them hand to hand and bring them up to the bus and head to the destination. As u know old folks hands and legs are no energy. They need wheel chair or 'tongkat' to hold them.

The church has get ready the bus and drive us to jurong west to attend the concert prepared by the church members. It is truly like a concert hosted by super stars. They have a beautiful voice and wonderful performance. Everyone is enjoying. We need to make sure everything is well-organized. We need to bring them to toilet when they need help throughout the performance and whatever help they needed.

Random shot of the performance stage.

View of the audience..It is so magnificent to gather 1100 old folks from all over the singapore to gather together to watch the performance.

The 2 hours of performance makes everyone face grinning over and back home happily. Each of the elderly was given a pack of dinner and back home by bus.

Seeing them and their living condition makes me feel that i am thankful for what i have now. The elder peoples are all very pity. There is an elder lady speaks hokkien with me telling me her story. Her marriage was arranged by her parents back in China and she was married to Singapore at the age of 13. She told me that she was shipped here and she got 6-7 children at the age of 21 years old. Can you imagine our grandparents generation was all about giving birth and arranged marriage and nothing else?As for our generation now, either late marriage or remain single or even divorce. Divorce cannot be found in our grandparents generation at all. One of her grandchildren is staying with her in her 2 room flats and the great grandchildren has to sleep on the floor and the furniture is not fully furnished. Her house grip door is broken and unable to lock. This is the life that she is staying now. She told me that her daughter is addict to gamble and always lost money and keep gambling. Sound very sad that a 91 years old auntie has to worry for her children. Her sons are either in china or other part of singapore where they seldom or maybe didn't visit her. She told me is her fate to have a poor life.

When i reached her place, we need to hold her hand and slowly bring her towards her wheel chair.Not even that as she has problems with urine. She even needs a diaper on it. We need to help her to put on before she can go out of the house. She is very happy to see us. The old lady told me that she can only come out from the house when we fetch her out. The only time she can see her friends when she is out. She is happy with it.

Being contented is so simple to her. Why we always want to make things complicated?I know i always do as i keep popping questions out to myself. But seeing them today hearing their stories and their simple request compared to my own issues are totally way so inferior. Being grateful and content to what we have and people around us is just awesome. Words unable to describe it but the feelings are there for you and me to feel it. Hope i can arrange my time to join jacy on the sun outing with the elderly.

However my own grandparents need to sought attention as well. Time really not enough especially weekend is so precious that i need to balance out the time for the things i want to do.

Good start for the month of aug with a nice service today teaching me to be grateful and contented. I know it all along just that along the way things like today is just to remind us or should i said remind myself there are people who are worse than me but still happy and grateful day by day. Just a simple thought or a simple action does change the whole thing.

Don't you agree?


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