Wine For Monday

HP recommended me a place named Wine Connection @ Tanglin Road and headed over on last Monday for a drink. It was a sudden decision as i feel moody so decided to head down to drink.Thanks for the recommendation and headed over and choose a bottle of red wine and drank over there. I ordered the chef's salad which is fantastic and spicy wedges for my dinner to go with my wine.There have different price range of wines to choose from.. But the price to take away and drink in is different.

"It was a tipsy moody Monday for me."

The Wine Connection is located next to Centrepoint and it was at one of the shophouses hidden in the middle. The whole street is full of restaurants and bars. It was a relaxation place to hang out and i just drink my wine and looking at people to walk by and seeing their reactions do amuse me in certain way and make me wonders.

The heaty half loaf cereal bread to go with the salad is excellent.

A view of the shop full of wines to choose...

Drank the whole bottle of red wine and headed back home by train. It is good that feeling tipsy and get to bed straightaway and wash away the troubles a while :)


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