Merry Go Round Singapore

Weekend has always seems to be short and never enough. It was a splendid weekend affair with my nut member and my uni friend. I have not met them for ages especially Sin Yee ever since i left singapore for Malaysia to work for the past one year.

It is a long weekend holiday for most people as Hari Raya falls on Tuesday and Malaysia National Day on wednesday. Mm..but not for me :(

Met up with pik har aka walnut on saturday morning and we spent 24 hours together. Shopping, dating ,eating and slacking over the day. We stayed at a boutique hotel @ dickson road. I will blog about the hotel on my next post.

Why is it merry go round? I brought her walk from dhoby ghaut station to city hall mrt. So you can imagine the distance is quite near actually but not to her. I been telling her we are almost there but actually not. We were looking for art museum and i was not sure with the location so i just follow blindly my iphone direction. I am not good in directions.I admit.

Sin yee only reached singapore 10 plus at night so we (pik har and myself) got dressed up and headed to the hotel to meet her. We headed to carpenter street for drinking session with sin yee's crew friends.

It has been a long time since i stayed up until late night. It was nice to have companies enjoying people singing and chit chatting along the night.

The following day, Sunday we headed to Vivo City for lunch. Pik har ordered singapore famous hokkien prawn mee which costs SGD4.80 per plate (Small version). But the portion is quite big for me and i couldn't finish it alone. Sin yee came later and joined us. 3 of us headed to explore sentosa for the day.

Sin yee insisted to opt for cable car ride to sentosa. It is a short distance and one way ticket is SGD24 per pax for tourists/ SGD20 per pax for singaporean and PR which i totally felt that it is not worth it at all!!Damn expensive lor! Basically if we take the monorail from vivo city to sentosa is FREE!!! Initially we thought SGD24 for two way ticket sound reasonable. But we only realized the price is only for one way ticket when we wanted to take the cable car ride back.

Kinda pissed off with the ticket counter person at harbourfront tower. We told him that we need 2-way ticket and he issued 1-way ticket. But we also have fault for not checking the ticket after purchased. Enough of the rants and here are some of the pictures taken in the cable car ...

Unglam picture. I don't have sunglasses with me and i tried very hard to open my small eyes but turned out disaster. haha...

Totally in love with this shot of mine. I used the Leme Apps and change the settings and it turned out like a miniature buildings.

Finally got the chance to go to siloso beach. We headed over to feel the beach season with a drink. Relaxing afternoon and just sit down doing nothing enjoying seeing people moving around the beach isn't a bad idea after all. I would consider to go there with friends next time.

Photo shooting around sentosa before we headed back to vivo city for our dinner. Sin Yee wants to have seafood, bak kut teh, sashimi and local delicacies. So in the end we headed to Dian Xiao Er for our early dinner. We ordered the famous roasted duck, steamed fish, "chu shou" and brinjal with minced meat for dinner. It was tasty dinner and lotsa collagen from the fish and the pig's hand.

After filling up our stomach, we accompanied her to supermarket to do some groceries shopping. Dubai does not sell pork and not allow as it is an islamic country so she bought a lot of pork meat back for cooking. She is a good cook and even bought herbs back to cook and brew as well. 3 ladies shopping for groceries to end the day.

Pik har went back JB and i went over Sin yee's hotel and slack around until 10.30pm as she need to get ready to work. Nice outings with old friends and we basically become "emo ladies" again as we touched on personal life as we shared the same mind and fate. Fret not as we still need to face the real reality that whatever matters the most is our family and the most important asset to make sure yourself survive is $$!!


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